Ed McBride & Ed McBride Jr. specialize in large steel sculptures and custom creative projects.

     The crew at McBride’s Metal Works offers full artistic installations for homes, business, and corporate locations. We are fully certified under ASME SEC. IX and AWS D1.1-06. Our customers can rest assured that our work not only looks amazing but is code compliant and sturdy as well.

We weld pipe/ pressure vessels, structural steel, & Specialty Metals

We offer mobile service including aluminum and heavy equipment repair

     McBride started fabricating professionally in 1977. Earning a living and honing his skills welding what others couldn’t. Starting as rig welder and later opening a shop. He welded pipelines, power plants, Repaired huge heavy machinery, and had the precision to build custom vehicles and bikes. He quickly gained the reputation to repair or build most anything. Our shop carries on in this tradition.

     McBride always had a artistic side however in 1990 work on the first true sculpture began. His passion for nature and his skill to take scrap metal and create Steel sculptures vary anywhere from the intricately detailed realistic wildlife and human figures with perfectly depicted features to the larger than life fantasy dragon pieces. From barbeques that breath fire to professionally design corporate artwork Ed McBride's unique style definitely attracts crowds.

     McBride is now a veteran artist and well known throughout the country and internationally as the most detailed steel sculptor in the industry. His works can been sought after and collected by prestigious private collectors and corporations alike. His monumental sculptures can be seen at businesses and in resort towns across the west.

     Early in Ed McBride Jr.s life his father began to pass down his skill set. At age 11 he began to sculpt in clay. He traveled across America with his family to various art shows. He was influenced not only by his father but various artists. Through his teenage years he helped build sculptures and fabricated for extra income. It wasn’t long until he had a welding certification and built his own welding rig. After working his way through college he returned to co own McBride’s Metal Works and continues to work with his father.

     Together this father and son team explore where imagination and steel come to life. If you have a vision you would like to make a reality in steel, stainless steel or aluminum, Call or email (760)-608-2777 Ed@McBridesMetalWorks.com .

Click here to visit Intrawest's The Village in beautiful Mammoth Lakes, CA site of McBride's "Bears" sculpture. Mammoth Lakes, CA.