Ed McBride, a native of northern Arizona, spent his early years hunting, fishing, and loving "The Great Outdoors." His deep appreciation of nature springs to life as his works gain definition. His creations are awe inspiring as the viewers see this man as one with his work. As a teenager, Ed moved to California He continued to be inspired by nature as he hunted and worked as a precision welder. Only later did he discover his talent as a sculptor.

     Ed sees beauty as he transforms scrap metal into startlingly realistic sculptures. His career as a sculptor started by accident, evolving from a gift for a friend. The rest is history. Sometimes Ed will start with a sketch of the desired outcome for his work, however most of the time he sees his work evolving and growing through immediate inspiration in his minds eye. He relies on his ability to draw from his observations of wildlife, specifically by paying particular attention to the anatomical details when bringing his steel sculptures to life.

     Ed relaxes by painting with either oils or acrylics. Again he paints in the same ways that he sculpts, with the love of nature, wildlife, and the delicate eye of a truly inspired artist. Painting relaxes those tense arm muscles that come from hammering and forging his large sculptured works.