Barbeque Sculptures

     These fabricated sculptures are both beautiful and useful, With awesome detail these unique dragons are actually fully functioning barbeques.

Dragon BBQ #1

     "Guardian of the Feast" is a grill and smoker combination that is a feast for the senses. This tantalizing piece quickly sold at the Safari Club International 33rd Annual Hunters' Convention. It is the first in a series of barbecues that will make any backyard cookout a smoking good time.
List Price: $65,000. Sold.
Welded Steel Original

Dragon BBQ #2

     The second barbecue in this series is another delicious dragon. This one is quite large at a towering 9 feet in height. A powerful 10 feet wide wingspan will demand respect as theatrical, propane powered flames scream out through razor sharp stainless steel teeth. Meanwhile, a tiny dragon sits below and heats a dutch cooking oven with its smoldering "dragon breath." This awe inspiring barbecue had it's premier at the SCI convention in Reno, Nevada.
List Price: $90,000.
Welded Steel Original

Dragon BBQ #3
     Every one of McBride's exemplary steel sculptures starts with his inspiration and an armature. The third dragon barbecue in this series is already bursting to life at this early stage of creation. Scheduled to be completed in late 2009, this barbecue will be just as impactful as its predecessors, while sized smaller, and more appropriately for use at the average home. At a reasonable 6 feet in height and length, it will be easily displayed in a variety of settings.
List Price: $40,000.
Welded Steel Original