Steel Sculptures

     Award winning artist Ed McBride specializes in large steel sculptures. Scrap metal, a welder's torch, and a passion for nature are the raw tools of his trade. Ed gained his skill, professionalism and dexterity with metal as one of the top aircraft welders in the industry, but has always been a true artist at heart. No molds or castings are used in his steel works; each piece is welded, hammered, and torched with crafted precision. Each work is as unique as the individual. The soul of the artist revealed.

     Steel sculptures vary anywhere from the intricately detailed realistic wildlife and human figures with perfectly depicted features to the larger than life fantasy dragon pieces. From barbeques that breath fire to professionally designed corporate artwork Ed McBride's unique style definetely attracts crowds.

Used restaurant equipment - stainless steel sinks and countertops - were used to craft this 10-foot-tall bass.